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Some Forceful but Effective Remedies for Snoring

Although many the people would prefer to treat their snoring issue by either taking medicine or by consulting a doctor for what to do and what not to, sometimes it’s not the best approach. Medication may definitely help them but those people who do not have trouble in improvising can do some other things too. One of such weird but effective remedies for snoring is as follows.

Snoring is often caused by the blockage of wind pipe or throat when it becomes narrow and air passes through it creating a noise. When you sleep face up, then you let your neck muscles press down your throat, which cause its narrowing and thus, you snore. The cure for this problem is to roll over in sleep so that the throat does not get blocked. Unlike other remedies for snoring, you can improvise by sewing a tennis ball in you pajama on the top of its rear. This way it will discomfort you on sleeping upright and you will be forced to sleep by rolling over to right or left. But yes, this practice is not advised to you to perform in case you have a back injury or back pain as it can increase the pain.

If you snore a lot then here are couple of remedies for snoring. Snoring makes life dull because it irritates you and those who sleep with you. What better can be then to cure snoring by just doing some simple thing rather than taking medicines and getting operated by doctors? You do not even need to force yourself in the sleep to quit snoring. With some very simple tips, you can find easy remedies for snoring, which are as follows.

First thing you can do is to manage a higher pillow to rest your head on while sleeping. When you sleep by facing the ceiling then a lot of weight of your neck muscles comes up on your throat, which causes blockage in wind pipe and causes snoring. By having a higher head rest or pillow the neck is supported and throat does not get blocked. If this plan does not work out good for you or if you have neck pain issues by sleeping on a higher pillow then there is always a number two. You may try to close your mouth by special jaw closing bands and masks which cause the mouth to be shut in order to not letting the noise come out. The passage of air while breathing will automatically begin through the nose.


Most adults, especially men, experience snoring problems during sleep. Snoring is a medical condition that allows someone to produce vibrating sounds when sleeping. Several effective remedies for snoring are advised for people suffering from this condition.

Change your sleeping position. If you have been sleeping on your back, this position allows your tongue or soft palate to collapse. This action causes vibration, commonly known as snoring during sleep. Lose weight effectively. Yes, thin people snore too but fat people are more prone to snoring. If you gain weight, fat tissues on your neck also develop. It squeezes the diameter inside your throat, allowing it to collapse during sleep thus creating vibrating sounds. Avoid drinking alcohol and sedatives. These substances decrease the tone of muscles at the back of your throat. This mechanism enhances snoring. People who don’t usually snore at night will experience snoring problem after drinking alcohol.

Have enough sleeping hours. Not having enough sleep only creates similar problem as drinking alcohol. This is one of the most helpful remedies for snoring that most people ignore.

Keep nasal passages open to allow smooth flow of air. If your nose is clogged, fast-moving air enhances snoring. Have a hot shower before sleeping to help open nasal passages. You may also use nasal strips to keep airway open.

Medical Remedies for Snoring

After using several snoring devices, you can also try the medical remedies for snoring. This option is advisable for those who are suffering from snoring for a long time. If natural remedies for snoring don’t work for you, try to use medical devices. Surgeries and medical equipments that treat snoring are used to decrease obstruction in nasal passages. Consult your physician and discuss the best method that works best for you.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) keeps your airway open when sleeping. You will wear a mask over your nose or face. It is connected to a machine that blows pressurized air to the mask.

Lower jaw-positioners enhance opening of airway by bringing your lower jaw or tongue slightly forward during sleep. This device is worn all throughout sleeping time.

The Pillar procedure is a method designed to tighten the soft palate to stop snoring. Implants are inserted using a clean delivery tool into the soft palate to reduce vibration and snoring. The implants are made of woven polyester materials that are commonly used in implantable medical apparatus.

Laser-assisted Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) and Somnoplasty are surgical remedies for snoring that remove tissues of uvula and soft palate using lasers or radio frequency signals. During sleep, throat muscles may soften and cause vibrating sounds.

Snoring with someone around you can be irritating for them. When you are snoring while sleeping your partner suffers from the sounds you make every time you breathe. This does not only ruin your sleep pattern but also that of your partner. Fortunately, there are natural ways of how to stop snoring.

The first important tip is to sleep on your side. If you have been sleeping lying on your back, change it and try side-lying position. Discover methods on how you won’t go back to your lying on back sleeping position. You can try putting something irritating on your back. Elevate your head by using multiple firm pillows. This method encourages breathing easier and takes off pressure in the airway. The next tip on how to stop snoring is to stop smoking. If you are non-smoker, avoid being a second-hand smoker. Smoke causes nose and throat membrane irritation that can lead to blockage of airway.

Eating a heavy meal before going to bed is definitely not a good idea. A full stomach pushes diaphragm leading to breathing difficulty. Avoid acquiring too much weight especially on the throat area because airway blockage is possible. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and thickening of secretions in the nose and soft palate. Follow these simple tips and make a difference as far as reducing occurrences of snoring.

Snoring creates an inconsistency for one’s sleeping pattern. It does not only affect the person involved but also the people around them. The sound of snoring comes from the vibration of soft palate. When you are sleeping, the throat muscles get relaxed that leads to soft palate vibration upon breathing. There are several natural remedies on how to stop snoring.

The most fundamental remedy is to establish a good sleeping habit. Avoid sleeping on the back because it can lead your tongue to fall back and block the airway. If you don’t like sleeping using side-lying position, start taking action to it. Use firm pillows to elevate your head to prevent jaw opening. Eating healthy foods and quitting smoking will definitely help to stop snoring.

Acquire a breathing steam and use it properly to prevent secretions from blocking the airway. Breathing steam can loosen the thickened mucus leading to comfortable breathing. Drink a mixture of tea and honey to clear the airway passage to facilitate breathing. Honey is beneficial in covering the tracheal walls. Throat sprays made of herbs can be used to ensure smooth delivery of airflow. Using nasal strips is a new remedy on how to stop snoring. Use it carefully to facilitate breathing properly. However, using the device may not be comfortable for you.

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