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Great Hair Is Still Winning

During this hectic season, who has time to think about hair? Believe it or not, you do. Husband-and-wife stylists Christopher and Sonya Dove of the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salons & Spas helped us create six beautiful holiday looks that you can do fast–we timed them.

Angelic curls, This modern version of the romantic updo takes just under eight minutes. Spritz damp hair with spray gel, then flip your head over and dry curls with a diffuser. Take a one-inch section of hair from above your ear and twist it, pulling it up to a couple of inches below your crown. Fasten with a glittery bobby pin. Pull down a few tendrils. Repeat on the opposite side.

Pretty ponytail, A fancy hair ornament makes a ponytail look glamorous in only four minutes. Pull dry hair back into a low ponytail, fastening at the nape of your neck. (Camouflage elastic with a beaded hair accessory.) Secure ponytail near the ends with a decorative band. Pull ends under, then secure them just below the elastic with bobby pins.

Jeweled, No time to wash your hair before the party? It takes only four minutes to get this elegant look. Apply spray gel to dry hair. Take a wide-tooth comb and make a low side part (it should be even with the outer corner of your eyebrow). Next, comb hair smooth, tucking any uneven ends behind ears. Finish off by placing clusters of sparkling rhinestone gems throughout, then smooth any strays back into place.

Updated Audrey, Create this classic Audrey Hepburn style in just five minutes! First, apply mousse to damp hair along the roots. Then, blow-dry using a medium-width round brush. Slip in two headbands, one behind the other. “Try pulling pieces of hair forward so they overlap the front headband to add some softness to the finished look,” suggests Chris. Set the style with hair spray.

Flirty, Shampoo and towel-dry hair, then apply mousse from roots to ends. Blow-dry with a diffuser, twisting small sections of hair around fingers as you dry. Then work in a comb headband. Rub pomade between fingertips and run over curls to prevent frizz. Perfect in under seven minutes.

The Smoothie, Set the timer for seven minutes. Apply a straightening product to towel-dried hair, then blow-dry using a flat brush. Take a half-inch section of hair and pull it back behind your ear. Fasten two tiny barrettes onto the strand a quarter of an inch above your ear.

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Why You Should Look For Panic Attack Treatment Early Enough

Panic attack treatment should be sought for early enough by the victims. It is a state that can go as far as causing death to the victim due to excessive exposure to anxiety, stress, and depression. The effects of the panic attacks can also cause a lasting imprint in the life of a person. Failure to look for panic attack treatment early enough could cause a person to develop a low self-esteem. Confidence is also largely affected causing a huge disruption in the everyday life of the victim.

images-001Panic attacks can lead to a number of disorder symptoms. First, phobic avoidance is one of the most common. When you face a situation that causes you a panic attack, you tend to develop avoidance for the situation or environment. The panic attack keeps recurring in your mind making you completely avoid these environments and situations even in the future days. If a person does not get panic attack treatment on this, one suffers much throughout their life. Anticipatory anxiety is also a common outcome of severe panic attacks. A person who suffers from this condition often feels like he is the middle of panic attacks. It also brings a constant feeling of panic attacks. A person who feels this continuous condition develops a situation of extreme disabling in their lives. here

What Is The Panic Attack Treatment?

As there are many actual causes and triggers of panic attacks, it is important that this problem is treated as soon as possible to avoid some difficult and dangerous consequences. The people who have this problem or the people who have loved ones that are suffering from this should know at least the basic facts and the basic panic attack treatment.

One basic panic attack treatment is to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy. It is because the therapy focuses on the triggers or causes of the panic attack, the thinking patterns and even the frequency. To be able to assure the ‘patient’, the medical officer can cite some examples wherein the focus of knowing that the panic attack is forming or coming, then s/he can protect himself/herself by such disastrous occurrence such as in a traffic accident, if s/he is driving a vehicle. By this, the ‘patient’ who is who has this problem would be less afraid.

There is nothing wrong to see any medical officer just to have a panic attack treatment. Perhaps some would find it difficult to express and recall the horrible experiences with other people and/or physicians. It is quite understandable that they do not wish to relive in those cyclic and fearful events of their life.

Tips For Panic Attack Treatment

avoid-smokingFor the people who suffer frequent panic attacks; there are some tips on how to have panic attack treatment. These are to avoid smoking (i.e. Cigarettes) and drinking beverages with caffeine (i.e. Coffee, cola), to learn all about panic attack (i.e. Triggers, causes), to learn how to control breathing (i.e. Slow and deep breathing), and to practice relaxation techniques (i.e. Meditation, Yoga, Reiki). Smoking can cause lung disease that leads to difficulty of breathing – the more it would become difficult when you are having a panic attack. Drinking coffee and cola can increase the stimulant of panic attack. Therefore, to learn some exercises on controlling your breathing and relaxation techniques can help you get through such difficulties during a panic attack. Plus, you can help control yourself from getting ‘under the spell’ of panic attack. As it is, the majority of the people who have this kind of problem could not easily control them. There are even those who get attacked during their sleep or even merely relaxed at home. It is because this problem does not choose the place and time. The above tips for panic attack treatment can be a big help to your overall panic attack problem. If you do heed these simple tips, you can achieve a self panic attack treatment without any professional help.


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Causes Of Panic Attacks

As you well know, panic attacks have their own causes. The causes can either stop the panic attacks or they can just worsen. Before you know how to stop panic attacks, you must learn the causes of these so that you would understand the event better. These morbid cofpafears are usually caused by social (i.e. Social anxiety or social), specific (i.e. Spiders, heights, snakes, water, dogs, catching germs or illness, flying, boating, climbing, etc.) or agoraphobia (i.e. The fear of leaving a safe place, home, etc.). Some also include post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) or complicated obsessive-compulsive disorder and anything relate to these are always more severe than normal. Thus, it is difficult to stop the panic attacks in this manner.

However, the ways on how to stop panic attacks can be given through medical prescriptions, psychological advices or family advices like to avoid facing and meeting such root causes of panic attacks. The latter can be very wrong because it does not work all the time. However, professional help can always be asked. The ways on how to stop panic attacks could be different from what they appear to be. It is because you need to go deeper so that you would know how to when to stop them from happening all the time.

Why You Need To Know How To Stop Panic Attacks

In the present society, panic attacks are so evident. In the US, it is believed that the rate at which people are suffering from panic attacks is increasing by the day. More and more people are facing excessive anxiety, which leads to panic attacks. Many people face panic attacks these days forcing them learn how to stop panic attacks. Recently, statistics showed that more women than men face panic attacks. Children have also become more vulnerable due to the demand of high grades in schools.

It is very necessary for people to know how to stop panic attacks since it can occur to someone anywhere. This means that there are moments when one cannot be able to access a health center for help but rather be helped by those people who are close to them. To know how to stop panic attacks is the first step towards the healing process. It is also very important for everyone to know how to stop panic attacks since it cuts the cost of visiting the drug store or hospital for medication. When you are able to stop these attacks by yourself, you will not need to drive to the hospital anymore. You will just need to follow the procedure given to you to stop the attacks.

What To Know About Panic Attack Treatment

Stress and tension have become part of human lives today. With so much work to do and the need to look for money, people are no longer strangers to the term stress and panic. Doctors and health professionals are having more and more clients every day. On the other hand, people are confused and are looking everywhere for tips and lessons on panic attack treatment. It would be important therefore, if some light was shed concerning the situation.

remedyA panic attack is very different as compared to myocardial infarction or heart attack. Knowing the difference between these two will contribute much in helping the victim with the condition. Panic attack is a condition that mostly affects the human emotion. Symptoms (dizziness, difficulty in breathing, profuse sweating among others) may vary between individuals but the genesis of the condition is usually the same. An individual should not panic more is he/she finds themselves with different symptoms from the other person, remember that managing this condition is what is most important.

If anyone found themselves having the above mentioned symptoms, a panic attack treatment by the physician is highly recommended. The physician will most probably recommend some drugs or a visit to the psychiatrist for some therapy. One thing that one should understand about mental or emotional problems is that they eventually affect the physical body. It is important therefore, that you properly take care of your body and if you feel the symptoms coming in, talk to a person to let out the stress or visit a doctor for some prescriptions.

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