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Great Hair Is Still Winning

During this hectic season, who has time to think about hair? Believe it or not, you do. Husband-and-wife stylists Christopher and Sonya Dove of the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salons & Spas helped us create six beautiful holiday looks that you can do fast–we timed them.

Angelic curls, This modern version of the romantic updo takes just under eight minutes. Spritz damp hair with spray gel, then flip your head over and dry curls with a diffuser. Take a one-inch section of hair from above your ear and twist it, pulling it up to a couple of inches below your crown. Fasten with a glittery bobby pin. Pull down a few tendrils. Repeat on the opposite side.

Pretty ponytail, A fancy hair ornament makes a ponytail look glamorous in only four minutes. Pull dry hair back into a low ponytail, fastening at the nape of your neck. (Camouflage elastic with a beaded hair accessory.) Secure ponytail near the ends with a decorative band. Pull ends under, then secure them just below the elastic with bobby pins.

Jeweled, No time to wash your hair before the party? It takes only four minutes to get this elegant look. Apply spray gel to dry hair. Take a wide-tooth comb and make a low side part (it should be even with the outer corner of your eyebrow). Next, comb hair smooth, tucking any uneven ends behind ears. Finish off by placing clusters of sparkling rhinestone gems throughout, then smooth any strays back into place.

Updated Audrey, Create this classic Audrey Hepburn style in just five minutes! First, apply mousse to damp hair along the roots. Then, blow-dry using a medium-width round brush. Slip in two headbands, one behind the other. “Try pulling pieces of hair forward so they overlap the front headband to add some softness to the finished look,” suggests Chris. Set the style with hair spray.

Flirty, Shampoo and towel-dry hair, then apply mousse from roots to ends. Blow-dry with a diffuser, twisting small sections of hair around fingers as you dry. Then work in a comb headband. Rub pomade between fingertips and run over curls to prevent frizz. Perfect in under seven minutes.

The Smoothie, Set the timer for seven minutes. Apply a straightening product to towel-dried hair, then blow-dry using a flat brush. Take a half-inch section of hair and pull it back behind your ear. Fasten two tiny barrettes onto the strand a quarter of an inch above your ear.

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